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May 15, 2019

 4-Rivers Youth & Adult Community Assn, Inc., in partnership with LaSalle Community Action Association, and the Catahoula Parish School Board, will again host the Summer Youth Program.  The program will be held at Jonesville Jr. High School, Block High School, and Sicily Island High School during the month of June.  
  This is an opportunity for children, 5-17, to participate in safe recreational, educational and cultural activities.   Enrollment will be held on May 28th from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm at Jonesville Jr. High, and a parent or responsible adult must enroll each youth.  
  Meals will be served from Monday – Thursday at Jonesville Jr. High School, and Tuesdays – Thursday at Sicily Island High School.  Students at Block High School will also be served lunch.  Youth at JJHS and SIHS will be participating in board games, crafts, outside sporting activities, and, of course, basketball.  
  We will hold various contests, such as Punt, Pass & Kick, Hula Hoop, Free Throw Shootout, and best attendance, with prizes provided to winners in various age groups.  This year, we will also have short story writing, to encourage our budding novelists, and art, for our future artists.  
As with past years, volunteers are needed to ensure we have safe activities for the children.  These are our children, so we are urging parents and other adults in our communities to volunteer.  We would like to also encourage high school students to volunteer, to earn community service hours for college scholarships.   For additional information, and to sign up to volunteer, please contact Sondra Redmon at 318-715-6887 or Alice Brackins at 314-302-8420.