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June 19, 2019

 Brandon Beard was welcomed home Friday after a five month stay in hospitals.  He was diagnosed with double pneumonia in December.  LaSalle General, Rapides Hospital and Children’s Hospital in New Orleans were his homes away from home but family, friends and local law enforcement officers made regular visits to help him pass the time.
  It was a hard battle for Brandon, according to his Mother, Tammy Beard, he was on and off a ventilator because of his low oxygen levels.  A doctor at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans gave them the news that a tracheotomy was required to allow air to enter his lungs.
  Brandon’s heroes are law enforcement and riding through Jonesville in a patrol car with the lights and sirens on made his return home even more special.  
  Family and friends were at Sonny’s Pizza to surprise him with a pizza party.