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February 5, 2020

The Lady Bears dropped a contest to St. Mary’s Tigers 70-39 last Tuesday. 
The Lady Bears had a tough first half of the game. Two quarters full of mental mistakes such as traveling, double dribbles, and some turnovers. 
After the first quarter the Lady Bears were trailing 19-8.
The Lady Tigers were about as efficient as anyone could ask for. They pressed Block throughout the first half. Their game plan consisted of short high percentage passes and high percentage shots. Not like one or two passes on their possessions, but like 4-6 passes before they got the open shot. 
The score at halftime was 38-19 in favor of St. Mary.
In the third quarter it looked like the Lady Bears got all the miscues out of them. They played an excellent third quarter. They cut the Lady Tigers lead to single digits with about 2:20 left in the quarter. Even though St. Mary’s lead at the end of the third was 12 points, the Lady Bears shown signs of life. Going into the fourth quarter it was 47-35. 
That life was quickly ended in the fourth quarter by the Lady Tigers. They pressed and created turnovers to start. The Lady Bears were gassed halfway through the quarter. They only scored 4 points compared to the Lady Tigers 23 points. 
This resulted in the 70-39 final. 

St. Mary defeated Block 58-40. This is going to be more of an analysis than anything.
Block’s Achilles heel is shooting from the perimeter. Don’t take that the wrong way, they can hit the three ball, but if they must rely on it then it will be a tough game. That’s exactly what their game vs St. Mary was. 
The Tigers post-defense had two forwards about 6’1 to 6’2 in height and the center was about 6’4. The Bears are a good team at driving the ball underneath the basket and getting majority of their points in the paint, but not against the size of the Tigers. 
It seemed as if every layup the Bears attempted was blocked. They got a few but it was tough going in the paint for the Bears. This forced the Bears to take shots from mid-range and perimeter where they are not comfortable.