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October 9, 2019

Finally, finally it is election week, and in some races, we’ll narrow the field; in others, we’ll have a winner to take on the new duties of the position they have won. The candidates who have been campaigning for months, will finally see the results of their labors, and will at last get some rest. Even those who go into the runoff will have a chance to catch their breath before the final push begins. I hope that the voters will cast their votes for the people they consider the most able to be put into leadership roles for the next four years.
I voted at the Registrar’s Office last week and joined the ranks of the most early voters in any recent election. My list was ready when I went into the mini voting booth, but it was in my head, not in my hand. There was only one toss-up race for me and that was for the BESE Board; I knew nothing of either person, so just picked one. That is a terrible way to pick a candidate, but I promise, that was the only race I hadn’t researched.
Dr. Abraham was first on my list for governor, and for the sake of Louisiana, I can only pray that many others will select his name as I did. He is a good man, a good citizen, and a true patriot. He knows the shape that Louisiana is in, and he has the ability to get us back on the plus side of the economy, the jobs market, attracting industry, the whole package. Edwards has dragged the state to the bottom in so many categories that it will take an intelligent and accomplished man to reverse the downward slide, and Abraham and his team can do it.
If you voted for Trump and his promises in 2016, you will have no problem voting for Ralph Abraham, a true conservative and an ally of the most successful president in modern times. A vote for Edwards is a vote for Pelosi, Schumer, the Squad, and the rest of the treasonous, America hating communists, for he is in their camp. They have supported him with scads of money, rallies, and personal endorsements. He has been an awful governor, who needs to be sent back to wherever he came from. Four more years of him, and we won’t have many young families left in our state, for they will have written GTT on their vehicles as they cross the Louisiana/Texas state line.
For the sake of Louisiana and a decent future, Abraham is the man.
Besides an important election this month, October is also the time to hopefully see the temperatures start to drop. These 90 degree days have about done me in, and I only work outside in the coolest part of the day. The dust around here is as thick as I remember it being when Nub, Doug, and I use to play on the main turning row behind the tractor sheds, back in the 50’s.
A prolonged dry spell like we are in now, just makes our world into a mini dust bowl. A body can just see the topsoil swirling around and around and leaving one field for the next. The dry spell gave the farmers an uninterrupted harvest season, but I think we are all ready for a soaking rain, even with some cotton still in the field.
Last week, I had a dream fulfilled. I had taken an old door from my great grandmother Dowdy’s house, about twenty years ago. This was a handmade door, made by her father, my generation’s great, great grandfather, around the turn of the century, 1900. The door was basically in good shape, just needed a nail or two in places to keep it looking good.
It had been in the back of the pool house all this time, until I could figure out a use for it. Back in the summer, the perfect use came to me: it could be mounted as a sliding barn door to cover the opening from my kitchen into my little office. I figured it might need trimming, but turns out it was the perfect size for where I wanted it.
Master carpenters, Robert Culp and Jeff French, came last Friday and installed this beautiful rustic door for me, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Holly called the style “farmhouse/industrial,” since the rail is galvanized metal and the door is definitely farmhouse wood. I think that’s a Joanna Gaines term, but Holly keeps up with all this stuff, so I’ll take her word for it. I just know it is perfect for the spot, and makes me happy every time I look at it.
It is always amazing to me watch good carpenters or electricians or plumbers or welders do their jobs. They take supplies and make homes and businesses, and things of beauty, places for us to live in and love. That kind of talent is certainly to be honored in this high tech world that we find ourselves living in in 2019.
One last plea: please go out and vote on October 12th, for parish and state leaders. It is a privilege and an honor to be able to vote, and that privilege shouldn’t be taken lightly or ignored. Be a good citizen….VOTE.