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August 14, 2019

New Orleans, Director of Humane Society of Louisiana: Saturday, we received information that a woman in Jonesville, Louisiana, had recently been incarcerated and that several of her dogs had been left unattended in her dilapidated trailer.  Since the town does not have an animal control department nor operates a shelter, we contacted the local police and our good friend Dr. Kelly Hudspeth, who happens to operate the only veterinary clinic in the area. The chief said that the pet owner was being held in a detention center in a neighboring parish so we asked the arresting officer to contact her by phone and get verbal permission to enter her residence to remove her dogs. Fortunately, she gave her consent. Dr. Hudspeth graciously agreed (on her day off!) to meet the officers at the residence, gain entry, and remove the dogs.
Luckily, the dogs had eaten through a bag of dog food that was left on the kitchen counter-top, but they had no water, and the trailer did not have any running air conditioning. Dr. Hudspeth made her way through the fecal-covered trailer and managed to corral and remove five puppies that are now resting comfortably at her veterinary clinic.  
To help with this rescue operation, we agreed to cover the cost of treating the puppies and pay for their boarding until they can be rehomed. We thank Dr. Hudspeth and the Jonesville Police Department for working together to rescue these puppies! Well done, team! Please support the LA Humane Society.
If you are interested in giving one of these adorable puppies a good home please call Catahoula Veterinary Office at 318-339-9643.