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February 12, 2020

  The Enterprise Family Festival  came about as the result of a tragic loss in November, 2015.  Suzanne Lewis Rogers is a teacher at Jena High School and  lost her only son, Trevor to a gunshot accident.   Friends and family came up with a way to help keep his memory alive while helping students at Jena High School and Catahoula Parish Schools continue their educational plans past high school.
  In Trevor’s short 24 years, he enjoyed life to the fullest.  After he graduated from high school he chose to go into the workforce.  He worked on a land rig with Helmerich and Payne Drilling, Nabors Drilling and finally got to go offshore with Noble Drilling. This was a dream come true in the employment world for Trevor.  Even though he didn’t go to college or trade school, through his employment, he attended classes worldwide.  He went to schools in New Orleans and Houma, Louisiana; Houston, Texas, Johannesburg, South Africa and Stavanger, Norway.
  To be eligible for the scholarship, complete the application, you can enroll in a 4-year university, a junior college, a vocational school, a trade school or beauty school. Applicants are asked if they are active in the community, willing to help with the family festival, help get sponsors, sell raffle tickets and be willing to give back to the community.  
  Trevor felt very strong about community service, even as a kid.  Each year, he would help deliver Christmas to the needy when he lived in West Monroe.  He was a member of the volunteer Fire Department in Enterprise.  He was also active with his youth group at church and would participate in various volunteer activities there.  
This will be the 5th year for the festival, and it is scheduled for April 25, 2020 in Enterprise, Louisiana.  The festival is held where the old Enterprise High School was located.  Since the first year,   enough money has been raised through sponsors, raffles, auctions, donations and t-shirt sales to award over $20,000 in scholarships to students at Jena High School and Catahoula Parish Schools (Harrisonburg High School, Sandy Lake Christian Academy, Central High School and Block High School).
  A winner of the 2019 scholarship, Jade Osteen, shares an update on the progress she has made with continuing her education. “For those who may not know who I am, My name is A’Mond Jade O’Steen and I am a lifelong resident of Jonesville Louisiana. I am the 19-year-old daughter of Kennel and Stephanie O’Steen of Jonesville as well. I am a proud graduate of Block High School, where I was the class of 2019 Valedictorian. Following graduation, I made the decision to further my education at Grambling State University, where I’m currently a first-semester Sophomore. I am a Biology major on a Pre-Medicine track in hopes of attending Medical School after graduation. In the future, I aspire to become a Physician and work in an underserved rural area similar to where I am from. 
  I was so fortunate enough to be a recipient of the Trevor Rodgers Memorial Scholarship last year. Words cannot express how grateful I am till today. The stipend helped and still helped extremely in the costly expenses of college. 
  I would like to formally thank the Trevor Rodgers Memorial Scholarship Foundation, Miss Jodie Bartmess, and anyone else who may have had a part in providing me this scholarship. I truly appreciate the help that is significantly provided.”
  To apply for the scholarship contact Jodie Bartmess at 318-403-1764 or 318-339-7242.