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January 15, 2020

Catahoula Parish Police Jurors pictured here left to right are: Brady Nelson, Rodney Sones, Jeffery Estes, Jerel Evans, Harold Sones, Debra Hawkins, Ricky Crumpton, and Johnny Adams. Judge Kathy Johnson pictured at the far right presided over the swearing-in ceremony Monday night.


Monday night newly elected members of the Catahoula Parish Police Jury (CPPJ) were sworn in by Judge Kathy Johnson.  Jurors serving their first term include District One member Brady Nelson, District Five Rodney Sones,  District Six Jeffery Estes, and District Nine Johnnie Adams.  Ward Three will be appointed a juror  January 27 at a special meeting.  Bo “Joseph” Aarons was elected to represent Ward Three but the seat was left vacant due to his untimely death. Returning jurors Harold Sones, Jerel Evans, Debra Hawkins and Ricky Crumpton welcomed the new members before the official meeting was in session.
The first order of business was election of President and Vice President.  Harold Sones was appointed by affirmation as President and Jerel Evans was appointed as Vice President.  Secretary/Treasurer Patti Mizell was appointed for another term of two years.
A resolution ordering an election on May 9th to authorize the renewal of a Hardsurface sales and use tax passed unanimously.  In other business, Juror Ricky Crumpton was appointed to represent CPPJ a board member of the LaSalle Community Action Association (LCAA).  LCAA manages Section 8 funding for CPPJ.
Enterprise Water System was awarded $19,800 from the 2018-2019 Community Water Enrichment Grant.  The original work applied for is now part of the merger with Harrisonburg Water Company so an amendment was needed.   The approved amendment includes replacing one booster pump and repairs to the booster station.
Kerry Byrnes will be hired as a grader operator and laborer for a four month probation period following a physical and drug screen test. The jury also approved Riverside Feed and Mercantile for a Class B beer permit and Class B liquor permit.