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July 16, 2020

The Gut Punch

The Bears had two big games left against much bigger school before starting district play. September 27, 2013 featured a game between 4A Peabody and the 1A Block Bears. 
This game was a gut punch to the Bears as they squandered a chance to get their first win of the season. At halftime, the Bears had a 20-7 lead. 
Just under 7 minutes to go in quarter number one, Bears quarterback Vyn’Quez O’Steen connects on a pass to Raymond Plummer that goes for 82 yards and a Bear touchdown. 
The Bears defense stuffed Peabody’s next drive forcing a punt attempt. The snap went over the head of the punter and the Bears forced a turnover and had great field position. Cameron Everett would eventually punch the drive into the endzone. A drive that started on the Peabody 17-yard line. With 1:41 left in the first quarter, the Bears found themselves with a 14-0 lead over Peabody. 
It didn’t take long though as Peabody returned the kickoff for a touchdown just 10 seconds later. They cut the lead in half and with a minute and a half left in the first quarter it was 14-7 Bears. 
The Bears driving back down field on their next possession ran into a problem. A long 3rd down and 19 yards to go. Bears quarterback O’Steen dropped back and looked for an open man. He found one down the middle of the field. It was Raymond Plummer with a huge gain and a first down. The Bears had got down to Peabody’s red zone but was pushed back by penalties. 
The Bears were on the 22-yard line when O’Steen threw a touchdown pass to Dorian Bowman. That got the Bears to a 20-7 lead, but it was the last points the Bears would get. 
Third quarter, Peabody finds pay dirt on a 63-yard touchdown. It was a short pass, but the Peabody receiver turned it into a house call. With the PAT successful, it was Block 20 and Peabody 14. 
Just under 2 minutes left in the third quarter when the Bears fumbled on their own 5-yard line and Peabody recovered with tremendous field position. Shortly after that the Warhorses galloped their way into the endzone. The score was 20-20 and the extra point would give Peabody the lead, but Block blocked the attempt. 
Late in the 4th quarter, Warhorses driving down the field. Couple of bad penalties for Facemask and Unsportsmanlike conduct put Peabody in a good position to win the game. They drove to the two-yard line where the Bears held them out and sent the game into overtime. 
The Bears couldn’t do anything with their overtime possession and Peabody punched the ball in three plays later for the 26-20 victory over the Bears. Block fell to an 0-4 record.

Down and Out?

The loss to Peabody got the Bears heads down. After a game like that it will happen to the best athletes. It carried over to their next game against Bossier. 
The Bears couldn’t get anything going against the Bearkats. Bossier won the game 21-8. The Bears lone score came with about two minutes left in the game, but it was beyond too late for Block.
The Bears had three turnovers, two of which resulted in points for the Bearkats. The Bears now had an 0-5 record going into district play. What happens next in the season was unforeseen.

To be continued...