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August 5, 2020

August is Overdose Awareness month. Every year we represent those who have gone by wearing a purple ribbon, displaying a purple light at our home or business, or participate in overdose awareness events. 130 people die every day in the United States from a drug overdose. A life that mattered, but has left us too soon. 

This year on Sunday, August 30th, Millie Mattered will host It’s third annual National Overdose Awareness Day. It will be held at Alexandria city park at 4:00 PM. Among the Guest speakers I have the fortunate opportunity to have Timothy Heard. Timothy heads up a very large social media page for addiction and recovery called rkvry wrkz. 

His social media posts reach millions across the nation daily and are shared on many other Recovery and advocacy groups, I know Millie Mattered is one of them. I asked Timothy to share a little bit about his life story with me and how he became such a big influence in the Recovery world, here is part of his story:


I was born and raised into a loving family. My father was a preacher and my mother was a praying woman of God. I was taught morals, family values and Godly ethics. My brother and I were shown love in our home and we never went without the necessities of life. In fact, we lived a privileged life. 

     But as a teenager, I was attracted to things of the world. At the age of fourteen, I began to experiment with marijuana and alcohol. By the time I was eighteen, I was using cocaine every weekend. Throughout my twenties, it got progressively worse. I dropped out of high school, then college, and any job I was fortunate to find, I couldn’t hold down. My parents were constantly rescuing me financially. 

      In my early thirties, I began doing crack cocaine and heroin, and my life became worse than ever before. I was homeless many times, went to jail multiple times in the span of two years, destroyed a marriage, and eventually found myself completely alone. I had chased away everyone who loved me. 

     At the age of 38, I made my first attempt at sobriety and recovery. Over the next seven years, I struggled back and forth between sobriety and relapses. But I reached a point two years ago where I finally had enough. I was beaten down, broken, and once again alone. For the first time in my life, I made a complete and full surrender to God and to the understanding that I could not change my life on my own and by my own devices. I once again, went through treatment, but this time, I listened. This time, I was fully ready for change. I had finally managed to embrace and grasp the key to sobriety and a healthy life; complete surrender. 

   In June 2020, I celebrated two years clean from all mood and mind altering substances. I embraced my recovery with as much vigor as I had put into my addiction. My life has been transformed. I have developed a love for other suffering addicts and their families. Last year, God opened the door to a personal ministry in recovery. Not only do I work personally with local people suffering with addiction but through my social media platform my advocacy now spans nationally. 

     Today I am a full time outreach coordinator for a treatment facility located in multiple states. I work daily with those who need help and struggle with the same things that I have overcome. I count myself as one of the most blessed people in the world to be able to give back to the addiction and recovery community. 

      Timothy created the social media page rkvry wrkz in March 2019 as a platform for promoting recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. He uses it to share personal thoughts and quotes, as well as quotes and videos from others in recovery. As it grew, Timothy began to receive phone calls and messages from people struggling with addiction who were seeking help or just someone to talk to. Timothy said “I was more than happy to help.” He began to connect with other recovery advocates from across the country. “Many great friendships were birthed through the online recovery community. Eventually, because of my advocacy work, I was offered a position with a few treatment facilities.”  Timothy added.

Today, his page rkvry wrkz reaches an average of 6 million people each month. He is a very passionate, but busy man when it comes to Recovery. As an advocate he receives hundreds of calls and messages from people all across the nation struggling with addiction and seeking help. 

“I interact and engage with many other pages, platforms and Recovery advocates in the online community. I spend every day promoting recovery and helping others find it.” Timothy tells  me. His main message that he wants to convey to anyone that is or has been struggling with addiction is “There is no such thing as a lost cause.”

Millie Mattered  is honored to have such a passionate advocate as a speaker at our August event. 

Contact info for Timothy is: Facebook: Timothy D Heard. rkvry wrkz

Instagram: rkvry wrkz


If you have a problem with addiction, or if you have a loved one with an addiction, please reach out. People in the recovery community are always willing to help.  We have been there, we know the struggle! We hope you can join us at  Alexandria city Park to meet and experience the words of Timothy Heard firsthand. Millie Mattered, your life matters! We are commissioned to fight!