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June 5, 2019

 A new deadline of July 12, 2019 has been set for the Catahoula Parish Police Jury to submit a project severity application for the Louisiana Community Development Block Grant (LCDBG).  At the last police jury meeting secretary, Patti Mizell, announced that  no applications had been turned in to approve.
The goal for the block grant is to address  three national objectives. Principal benefit {at least fifty-one percent) to low and moderate income persons,elimination or prevention of slums or blight, and urgent need.
  The Division of Administration's Office of Community Development (OCD) administers the LCDBG Program. It is anticipated that Louisiana will receive approximately $19.7 million from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development {HUD) in Community Development Block Grant funds. Of that amount, approximately $14.3 million will be available  for the  LCDBG Public Facilities Program. The Office of Community Development surveys eligible communities every two years to determine priorities for funding under the LCDBG Program. As in the past, public infrastructure was identified as the highest priority.  The  funding priorities under the Public Facilities Program for the FY 2020 - FY 2021 Program years are: sewer improvements,potable water improvements and street improvements.
  Examples of eligible activities under the POTABLE WATER improvements category includes water wells, disinfection equipment/facilities,elevated and/or ground storage tanks, pump stations, new water lines and/or water line replacement, and new treatment facilities or improvements to existing treatment facilities
  The following are examples of eligible activities under the STREETS category: reconstruction of previously paved streets, reconstruction requires reworking the base course by a generally accepted construction method such as removal and replacement, in-place cement stabilization,  a wearing course will then be placed on the prepared base, and asphalt surface treatment is not allowed for the reconstruction of previously paved streets.       
 For new construction (paving of aggregate surfaced streets or other unpaved streets), the engineer will determine the extent and type of base course that is needed as well as the type of wearing course. The wearing course may be portland cement concrete or asphaltic concrete. Asphalt surface treatment is not allowed for the new construction of streets (two or three shot}.
  The grant is a single purpose grant. . Only single purpose applications will be accepted. A single purpose grant provides funds for one primary need or activity, such as streets or a water storage tank. That activity may be supported by auxiliary activities. Examples of auxiliary activities are drainage improvements undertaken in conjunction with street improvements or the acquisition of land upon which a water storage tank will be constructed. Also, only one utility system can be included in each application. For example, a Parish may have more than one sewer system within the Parish boundaries, but can only propose improvements to one of those systems in an application.
  To apply for the grant or for more information you can call the CPPJ at 318-744-5435.